Archives for the Month of October, 2012

Ulrich Vogel

Ulrich Vogel Work from his oeuvre. “..Right up to the present day Ulrich Vogl‘s work has been defined by an approach which is both conceptual and experimental. The sources of inspiration are often the materials themselves: everyday objects such as slide projectors, construction lamps, cardboard tubes and aluminium foil, or materials which carry a hint […]

Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle

Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle Work from their oeuvre. “Over the past four years or so we have developed a collaborative practice in the conception and realisation of our work that we find liberating and interesting. It is an expression of our common interest in ambiguities in the idea of authorship and expression – having […]

Rob Sherwood

Rob Sherwood Work from The Warp & The Weft, ongoing at Son Gallery. “Rob Sherwood’s exhibition The Warp & The Weft presents a cycle of works which create unexpected, sensory experiences out of systematic processes. These are often informed by abstractions found or created whilst using digital media and communications: unnecessary disruptions in otherwise logical […]

Elizabeth Corkery

Elizabeth Corkery Work from her oeuvre. “Corkery works through an ongoing fascination with the concept of simulation and the multiple with specific regard to their relationship with printmaking. Her practice currently centres on large-scale installation pieces which initiate a slippage between the conventionally two-dimensional nature of print media and a more volumetric architectural space. Often […]

Dan Graham

Dan Graham Work from his oeuvre. “Graham’s rejection of the high-seriousness of modern art emerged at the same moment as Pop art in the early 1960s. “I love magazines because they are like pop songs,” he once explained about his early conceptual magazine works, “easily disposable, dealing with momentary pleasures.” He infused his approach with […]

Elspeth Diederix

Elspeth Diederix Work from her oeuvre. “…Diederix is playful and inventive in her visualisation of images but strict and almost mathematical in constructing her compositions. Even though her photographs may give the impression that they are brought about by chance, they are in fact staged to an extreme degree. A plastic bag may become a […]

Valie Export

Valie Export Work from her oeuvre. “The black-and-white images here are far more quiet. In them the artist uses her body as a kind of measuring or pointing device, leaving us to decide exactly what she is pointing at. She crouches in corners, presses against walls and lies along the ledges of an imposing 19th-century […]

Shahryar Nashat

Shahryar Nashat Work from his oeuvre. “Shahryar Nashat’s previous work has investigated his interest in art collections, reproductions of works of art, as well as questions relating to appropriation and artistic reuse, display issues and apparatus. Lighting, plinths, pedestals, and the mode of positing and projecting all play pivotal roles in Nashat’s video installations, sculptures […]

Alex Isreal

Alex Isreal Work from Property. “…The title Property refers to the Hollywood studio prop department. For Property, 2011, at Peres Projects’ Kreuzberg gallery, Israel has amassed a collection of sculptures culled from the thousands of readymade props available for rent at prop houses in Berlin and at the Babelsberg movie studio. In the gallery, the […]

Samir Mougas

Samir Mougas Work from his oeuvre. “In a logical result of both a distant legacy of the readymade, assimilation practices of sampling, sample, quotation or appropriation of the art of recent decades, or ways of thinking and classification is needed in the era of the web, many artists working today it is possible to name […]