Archives for the Month of March, 2014

Jordan Tate

Jordan Tate Work from SUPERBLACK @ Transformer Station. SUPERBLACK is the result of a two-year research project in collaboration with scientists at the University of Cincinnati. SUPERBLACK is a physical body designed to absorb nearly all electromagnetic radiation (visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light, etc.) and offer the experience of a localized, contained, and absolute […]

Anthony Pearson

Anthony Pearson Work from his exhibition at David Kordansky, Los Angeles “David Kordansky Gallery is very pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Anthony Pearson. In his third solo exhibition with the gallery, Pearson presents new wall-based sculptural reliefs made from plaster and bronze. These works are activated by the effects of ambient […]

Ingo Mittelstaedt

Ingo Mittelstaedt Work from DORT at Kunsthalle Rostock. “The exhibition deals with a double interplay: on the one hand, Mittelstaedt shows his own works from previous years – interrelating these to each other. On the other hand, he curated works from the collection of the Kunsthalle creating a conduit between him and artists like Kate […]

Florian Auer

Florian Auer work from Blue Prints “Blue Prints conceives the exhibition space as a plane of colliding dimensions. Angles, shadows, interfaces, liquid camouflage, and perspectives cast the physical environment into a scenario that arouses the very act of recognizing. A throw of dice opens up a virtual arena with its own chances. Due to its purposeful use of […]

Richard Aldrich

Richard Aldrich Work from his oeuvre. “The structure for Aldrich’s upcoming show is that of two distinct parts. The first, opening November 8th, will be on view for a week and a half, after which a second show will open on November 19th and run through the end of the month, and then back to […]

Steve Bishop

Steve Bishop Work from “It’s Easier To Love Your Song Than It Is To Love You“. “I opened my mouth to speak, but a much better point was made. This was as much to my surprise as to everyone else’s. Initially stunned, agreement followed. The first few exclaimed “That’s it!” and then soon others “Yes, […]

Adham Faramawy

Adham Faramawy Work from his oeuvre “Adham Faramawy is an artist who explores changes in perception brought about by the digital age. For this exhibition the artist poses questions around media consumption and the persuasive potential of advertising to reflect and reproduce images of ‘well being’. Across a landscape of high definition flat screens and […]

Martin Kohout

  Martin Kohout Work from BOOSTED EXL5006XL/M and BOOSTED MCK24.OG “Hibernation is the default metabolic state for some animals that exist in this state for the greater part of the year at times of a metabolic energy crisis. Conversely, up-regulation of metabolism and alertness is a widespread and common survival strategy in response to the availability of […]

Gabriele Beveridge

Gabriele Beveridge Work from By mistake or design “Gabriele Beveridge (b.1985) is a London-based artist who creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional collages and installations using sun-faded images and a variety of natural and man-made objects. Through framing, balancing and propping, these disparate elements are brought into precisely constructed but open-ended dialogues. Materials such as sand, copper and […]

Johan Rosenmunthe

Johan Rosenmunthe Work from Enlargements. “Johan Rosenmunthe’s installation utilizes an image taken from the Empire State Building down on the roofs of Manhattan and shows printed crops and zooms into that single image. Part of the exhibited images are posters pasted directly to the wall, others are ‘framed installations’ of images. The master image is […]