Archives for the Month of September, 2012

Simon Denny

Simon Denny Work from his oeuvre. “In a clipping from a 1914 edition of The New York Times, it is reported that dancer Paul Swan collapsed in the middle of the stage during his vaudeville debut. Almost a century later, on the evening that Simon Denny’s most recent exhibition opened at Friedrich Petzel Gallery, a […]

Letha Wilson

Letha Wilson Work from her oeuvre. “…Starting with images of idealised American landscapes – Yellowstone, Yosemite, Utah – Letha Wilson transforms and alters her photographs by various physical means. In some works careful cutting, folding and curling of the paper creates enigmatic but immersive environments. In other more extreme (and for us more interesting) work […]

Erin Shirreff

Erin Shirreff Work from her oeuvre. “…Erin Shirreff … among them—are addressing (or redressing) the issues attendant on becoming familiar with an artwork through its photo- graphic reproduction.6 Most of them have a studio-based practice that involves more than one medium—some are not even primarily photographers—but thinking about photography is central to what they do. […]

Dan Holdsworth

Dan Holdsworth Work from Transmission: New Remote Earth Views. “In Dan Holdsworth’s latest series Transmission: New Remote Earth Views, he appropriates topographical data to document the ideologically and politically loaded spaces of the American West in an entirely new way. In his images of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Mount Shasta, Mount St. Helens, Salt Lake City and […]

Yuri Pattison

Yuri Pattison Work from focal-plane “Son Gallery are pleased to present Yuri Pattison’s solo exhibition ‘focal-plane’. In the installation, traditional museum vitrines are used as a display area for screens playing video material. This includes found video from nuclear surveys, carried out in the aftermath  of the Japanese earthquake in 2011, a series of shots […]

Else Marie Hagen

Lotte Geeven

Lotte Geeven Work from her oeuvre. “Throughout her work Geeven reveals splintered structures, reducing them to lines. Her city is a subway map and her mountain is a stripped vista. Working in multiple dimensions, she reveals a private and whimsical world hidden around the city, creating a non-existent space so that we can partake in […]

Trisha Donnelly

Trisha Donnelly Work from her oeuvre. “, sound, photographs, drawings, and performance, Trisha Donnelly explores the power of the human mind to will ideas into existence. At the same time, her work acknowledges the limits of language in any guise to fully contain our ideas and thoughts. In Night Is Coming the title words pulse in and […]

Melissa Dubbin & Aaron S. Davidson

Melissa Dubbin & Aaron S. Davidson Work from Volumes for Sound. “Throughout much of our practice we have sought to give shape and physicality to the immaterial. Many of the ideas surrounding these transformations are inspired by the processes used to record, playback and encounter sounds. This project focusses on nested forms, sculptural works that […]

Aude Pariset

Aude Pariset Work from her oeuvre. “Through diverse means, Pariset’s current body of work conceptually engages notions of projection and “exoticism”, and its relation to “the ability to conceive otherwise” as described by ethnographer and poet Victor Segalen in his Essay on Exoticism. Segalen’s notes suggest a definition of selfhood formed in connection to the constantly […]