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Rick Silva and Nicolas Sassoon

Rick Silva and Nicolas Sassoon Work from CORES. It is well worth seeing the videos (that I could not embed without issue) and reading the essay for each fragment. “Here, on the lithosphere, where the earth meets the sky, there exists a long history of how rocks and stones can be seen as images and […]

Jordan Wolfson

Jordan Wolfson Work from Animation Masks. “‘Animation, masks,’ the 12-minute 29-second film that is the entirety of Jordan Wolfson’s New York gallery debut, has the hallmarks of a classic. It rejuvenates appropriation art through the incisive use of digital animation, achieving an intensity that rivets the ear and the eye while perturbing the mind. Fluidly […]

Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman Work from Remember Carthage. “An essay film in the tradition of experimental documentarians like Chris Marker or Harun Farocki, Remember Carthage takes the viewer on an epic journey in search of an abandoned resort town deep in the Sahara desert. However, one travels not through archival or personal images but through footage sourced […]

Taylor Holland

Taylor Holland Work from Vector Fields. “Animations of sports fields created with Adobe Illustrator and pirated screen-capture software. The speed of play is relative to the ability of my MacBook to process the effect in real time. Presented in two full counterclockwise rotations.” – Taylor Holland

Antoine Lefebvre

Antoine Lefebvre Work from Base Camp at  Bielefeld Kunstverein. “Artists Unlimited is pleased with the first exhibition with the cooperation initiative Bielefeld subculture. Antoine Lefebvre, our 80th Guest artist shows his work in the new number to place. The New York artist Antoine Lefebvre plays with targeted media and materials. Raised in the South of France, he lived for a […]

Oliver Michaels

Oliver Michaels Work from Museum Postcards. “The projections in this project are of images taken from museum postcards that are brought to life using a consumer animation package. The resulting videos of talking sculptures are projected onto fabricated structures within the space.” – Oliver Michaels

Duncan Malashock

Duncan Malashock Work from his oeuvre. “I’m interested in our relationship with technology, specifically within the context of the Internet as a day-to-day activity, and in light of the history of the use of technology as a way of representing ideals. I make analog videos that are concerned with the history of creative technology, and in exploring what I understand […]


Stills from Sometimes video E-BABY video Pleix What does Pleix mean and how long has it been around? Leti: “PLEIX” doesn’t mean anything, we just liked the sound of it and the look of the letter combination. This name comes from one of us in the group who is very good at finding words that […]


FIELD (led by Marcus Wendt and Vera-Maria Glahn) “FIELD is a design studio using generative strategies in graphic design and digital art. We design custom software tools and processes to express an idea across a wide range of media: from print to animation, interactive installations and websites. Our goal is to merge code-based design with […]

David O’Reilly

David O’Reilly Work from his oeuvre. “When Jackson Pollock decided that day to drip paint all over a giant canvas, he let the medium speak for itself. David OReilly provides a similar outlet to the natural voice of the digital image through hastily rendered polygons, compressions artifacts, and trace elements of the interface. He uses […]