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Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson Work from Computers on Law & Order “In the fall of 1990, a television program about crime, police investigation, and criminal trials named Law & Order aired for the first time. The show eventually ended in 2010, tied with Gunsmoke for the longest-running live-action television show at 20 seasons and 456 episodes.[1] With its unique (and consistent) style and […]

Scott Lyall

Scott Lyall Work from Indiscretion at Miguel Abreu Gallery. “Lyall’s paintings, which are in fact digital prints on stretched canvas, are mounted on monochrome backings that frame them, double them, and space them in relation to their environments. As color field images – or the lack of such images – the paintings are generated using […]

Mia Goyette

Mia Goyette Work from The blues, you lose “Goyette employs a wealth of materials, from fake flowers and electrical wires to resin casts of consumer goods; she couples production with anti-production to expose an alternative physical world. For her installation at Vitrine, technological, natural and domestic worlds sit together; taken as a whole, they suggest the […]

Jeff Elrod

Jeff Elrod Work from his oeuvre. “Jeff Elrod (American, b. 1966) creates abstract paintings using basic computer software as a starting point for his artistic process. He began painting abstractions of video game imagery in the early 1990s before using computers, starting in 1997, to facilitate paintings through a technique he calls “frictionless drawing.” While […]

Jason Dodge

Jason Dodge Work from We are the meeting at Casey Kaplan “Dear Jason, To anticipate an exhibition by you in the gallery has always given me an unusual sense of exhilaration. A sensation similar for me to staring out at the ocean – giving me space to think about phenomena that I cannot experience but that I […]

Yuki Kimura

Yuki Kimura Work from her oeuvre. “Gluck50 is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Italy of works by the Japanese artist Yuki Kimura. Yuki Kimura’s artistic practice is based on the medium of photography. She uses both her own and found images which she reassembles in different contexts, giving them new meaning. The […]

Nathan Gilson

Nathan Gilson Work from Epiphany 3000. “Smart person : Nathan, you called me to give you an interview about your new project, which I find very immature and arrogant. Anyway, I’m here, let’s do this quick. Me : Hi ! Smart person : Please try to speak intelligibly, I really don’t understand your french accent. Me […]

Marie Sester

Marie Sester Work from Access. “ACCESS lets you track anonymous individuals in public places, by pursuing them with a robotic spotlight and acoustic beam system. ACCESS presents control tools generated by surveillance technology combined with the advertising and Hollywood industries, and the internet. It refers to political propoganda and media manipluation. Beware. Some individuals may […]

Ericka Beckman

Ericka Beckman Work from her exhibition at Galerie 1m3. “Throughout her three-deade career, Ericka Beckman’s playful yet formally demanding films have challenged traditional esthetics and cultural narration codes. Superimposing a fairy tales lexicon on the structures and codes of traditional games, her work is a sharp criticism of the rites of learning in Western societies. […]

Gilles De Brock

Gilles De Brock Work from Liquid Design and The New Public Space  “Liquid Design Imagine, you’re living in the 14th century, somebody tells you the printing press will be a catalyst in a scientific revolution. You would probably think this person is exaggerating. You do understand the principle of reproduction and distribution of thought, that’s […]