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SANGREE Work from their oeuvre. “SANGREE is the first SANGREE is a well know figure among contortion enthusiasts SANGREE is unavailable SANGREE is from 5 to 8 pm from now on SANGREE is away SANGREE is well known in the vicinity SANGREE is a subdivision SANGREE is a throwback SANGREE is plotting SANGREE is rife […]

Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits Work from their oeuvre. “It was the winter of 2001 — dark and cold, as usual. During the launch of the event we initiated a conversation with the audience about their experience on the subject of aliens. This discussion yielded very unexpected results: in a culture of few words, people picked up the […]

Brendan Fowler

Brendan Fowler Work from his oeuvre “I have worked for other artists and in galleries but have never been employed as anyone who writes condition reports. As such, I am often surprised to see very detailed reports for my sculptures when they are transported that read like ‘frame is piercing other frame / plexi is cracked in […]

Timm Ulrichs

  Timm Ulrichs Work from his oeuvre. “…Ulrich’s work is interdisciplinary. He is a representative of Neodadaismus , body art and conceptual art . Also located Ulrichs busy with printmaking, the artist’s book and performance art. He is also known for his study of the language . Ulrich uses tautologies , paradoxesand ambiguities in the language – for example: ” In the beginning was the word at … “- as well as verbal terms artistic, usually in the […]

Manuel Fernández

Manuel Fernández Work from his oeuvre. “Manuel Fernández is a spanish artist based in Madrid. His artistic practice begins at the intersection of art, popular culture and Internet.” – Manuel Fernández

Seth Price

Seth Price Work from his exhibition at Friedrich Petzel, New York. “Seth Price presents a show of new paintings. In various media. Portraits of envelopes and letter paper. What is this, the new paper culture? Another breast beater about how “we” are becoming disconnected and solipsistic, thanks to our hyperspeed digital blah-blah? So it’s a […]

Bas Koopmans

Bas Koopmans Work from his oeuvre. “Bas Koopmans (1981) lives and works in Amsterdam. Baster makes stuff for clients like the ones in the work section. He does this with a pen, pencil or magic wand. And he rarely does it the easy way. As a collaborator, artist or friend Bas demands you keep up […]

Alain Barthélémy

Alain Barthélémy Work from his oeuvre.,,, and “Coming from an engineer training at the Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Lyon in Art Option, Alain Bathélémy leads for several years an artistic research that comes and goes between theorical reflexion and experimentations, conceptual productions and formal propositions, using such mediums as video, computer programs, […]

Andrew B Myers

Andrew B Myers Work from his oeuvre. “Andrew B. Myers is a photographer and image maker that lives and works in Toronto, Canada. His work is often characterized by its use of color and composition as well as it’s application of subject matter such as pop culture, nostalgia, and situational humour.” – Andrew B Myers

A Rod Stewart Little Richard Prince Charles Manson Family

A Rod Stewart Little Richard Prince Charles Manson Family (collaboration with, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Derek Frech, Justin Kemp, Joe Lacina, Josh Pavlacky, and Daniel Wallace). Work from their exhibition at LVL3. Fruits of a connected and continuous collaborative consciousness, A rod stewart little richard prince charles manson family is the collaborative effort of six artists working in three different states, communicating ideas […]