Archives for the Month of June, 2011

Natasha Caruana

Natasha Caruana Work from The Married Man. “Natasha Caruana’s series of photographs, ‘Married Man’ documents occasions when the artist arranged ‘dates’ through dating websites designed for married men to conduct affairs. She photographed each man, concealing their identity, but also recorded them secretly using a digital recorder hidden in a red purse seen in several […]

Carrick Bell

Carrick Bell Work from his oeuvre – specifically Get to the Chopper, Furniture for a New Community and Backwards, With no Mistakes. “My video work negotiates between narrative and abstraction in depictions of human interactions with natural landscapes. I use appropriated video to investigate nature as a site for man-on-man violence, as a site for […]

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin Work from People in Trouble. “People in trouble laughing pushed to the ground. Soldiers leaning, pointing, reaching. Woman sweeping. Balloons escaping. Coffin descending. Boys standing. Grieving. Chair balancing. Children smoking. Embracing. Creatures barking. Cars burning. Helicopters hovering. Faces. Human figures. Shapes. Birds. Structures left standing and falling… The Belfast Exposed […]

Angelo Plessas

Angelo Plessas Work from his oeuvre. Specifically:,,, and Plesas has an opening at The Future Gallery in Berlin on Wednesday. Check it out. “The last time I went to New York my hotel window was facing the Hudson. It would have been an amazing sight if, far away, off to the […]

Zachary Davis

  Zachary Davis Work from Tropical Depression. Zachary has an opening Friday @ extra extra in Philadelphia, extra extra shows solid work, check it out. “A low pressure system. The artists, as my friend Andre St. James says, “Keep it on simmer.” I don’t know how much consideration went into titling Tropical Depression, the current group […]

Sonja Vordermaier

  Sonja Vordermaier Work from her oeuvre. “Sonja Vordermaier’s sculptures and installations are “conditional forms” a clash of opposites, are attempts to explore, the tension force, resistance and irritation potential.Conditions in space are reversed. A shadow takes on three-dimensional shape, is able to float heavy, man-made materials grow by natural principles.” – Stephanie Müller

John Divola

John Divola Work from the exhibition Trees for the Forest. ““The works on view span the last four decades, and provide an expansive yet necessarily incomplete picture of John Divola’s practice – a canny yet understated  blend of documentary photography, conceptual art, performance and installation. The collection of works begins in 1971 with Divola’s images of women […]

Ricardo Cases

  Ricardo Cases Work from Paloma Al Aire. You can buy the book here. “Ricardo Cases’ third photobook deals with an unusual subject: the practice of pigeon racing in the Spanish regions of Valencia and Murcia, a game consisting of releasing one female pigeon and dozens of male pigeons that chase her trying to get […]

Matt Hilger

Matt Hilger Work from his oeuvre. “the statement (above) like the work is meant to clumsily with what it is and what is isn’t and what can be built by those productive communications, most notably at a level with how a this ‘otherthing’ translates the ‘thing’ it index’s. Taking place with in a practice that […]

Jana Papenbroock

Jana Papenbrook Work from My Mystical Self. “My Mystical Self is a found footage video installation consisting of digital self-portraits. The omnipresence of self-monitoring, social performance and staged soliloquy illustrates the internalized public prospect, which is represented by the camera’s eye. In a confessional manner, the private body is inspected, measured, commented on and exhibited […]