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Darren Harvey-Regan

Darren Harvey-Regan Work from his oeuvre. “Entwining image and object, the work of Darren Harvey-Regan often sees a hybridisation of the conventions of photography and sculpture. As quietly humorous as they are frustrating his works challenge the viewer to distinguish where representation ends and the object begins. “The presentation of photographs in interaction with objects […]

Michael Bell-Smith

Michael Bell-Smith Work from “mbs_fp_090712” at Foxy Productions, New York. “It is impossible to identify a beginning or end to any ofMichael Bell-Smith’s four new videos. By convention they should be called loops, but the word feels wrong here. A loop creates the impression of an image fallen out of time through repetition, whereas Bell-Smith […]

Peter Kogler

Peter Kogler Work from his oeuvre. “The Austrian multimedia artist Peter Kogler is one of the pioneers of computer-generated art. With his impressive 360-degree multi-projection on show at the Schirn from July 1 to September 12, 2010, the artist, whose work was included in two documenta programs, creates a space of illusion that completely captivates […]

Korakrit Arunanondchai

Korakrit Arunanondchai Work from his oeuvre. “Arunanondchai invites the viewer into a heavenly earth, that extends in one direction towards an imagined hell, and in the other towards a heaven. Yet these visual spaces are at once inviting and forboding: the light-seeping wooden prism on the ground suggests a point of emergence into living and […]

Alexander Peverett

Alexander Peverett Work from his oeuvre. “…a indeterminable affair with generative art and computer graphics, the Wigan (England) based artist Alexander Peverett has an absolutely incredible ability to create great inter-disciplinary pieces. Residing between Japan and the United Kingdom, and working as a freelance art director, computer artist and sound designer, the work of Alexander […]

Haroon Mirza

Haroon Mirza Work from “\|\|\|\| \|\|\” at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen. “Using high-end stereo systems from second-hand shops, coloured chains of LED lights, DIY-store water hoses, fragments of film documents and references from popular culture, Haroon Mirza (*1977) creates installations which produce musical compositions in spaces. The English artist of Pakistani origin uses the widest […]

Anders Clausen

Anders Clausen Work from “Year of Cooperation” at Broadway 1602. “Made on a giant inexact industrial printer (it can turn turn greytones into yellow), and printed onto a form of upvc canvas that could be the hoarding that covered a Doges Palace in scale and durability, Anders Clausen’s ‘Color Picker’ works draw on computer software icons, desktop […]

Emanuel Rossetti

Emanuel Rossetti Work from his oeuvre. “Multiplex, with its various formal and contextual layers refers to a plural character of perception, like in a multiplex-cinema, where in different halls a multitude of images and illusions can be perceived at the same time. Rossetti’s ability of displaying elements accurately and unerringly within a space (be it […]

Daniel Temkin

Daniel Temkin Work from Glitchometry. “Daniel Temkin makes still and interactive pieces stemming from different forms of miscommunication, often built as uneasy collaborations with the computer. I’m featuring two of his projects which are related with glitches and errors produced by the use of basic softwares such as Photoshop. The first one is called Glitchometry, Daniel […]

Dev Harlan

Dev Harlan Work from “Astral Flight Hangar“. “Astral Flight Hangar is the first solo exhibition at Christopher Henry Gallery of multidisciplinary light artist Dev Harlan. Occupying two floors, his hybrid works combines the physical and the virtual with the use of sculpture, light and projection. The large scale works draw on foundational geometries, and yet serves […]