Archives for the Month of August, 2010

Valentin Ruhry

Valentin Ruhry Work from his oeuvre. “To cite Claude Levi-Strauss, the engineer and the amateur constructor represent two completely different ways of behaving. For the engineer, there are only raw materials, which can be employed as desired, and disturbance factors, which are to be excluded. The amateur constructor may use waste material (also on a […]

Tereza Zelenkova

Tereza Zelenkova Work from her oeuvre. From an interview with Grant Willing on too much chocolate GW: Your work feels very intentional and considered, but there is still this lingering sense of spontaneity in some of your images. Can you tell me how you go about making your images? TZ: Actually my work is very […]

Alexandr Skarlinski

Alexandr Skarlinski Work from his oeuvre. Screen captures are from here and here. In lieu of a statement, I have placed Skarlinski’s most recent writing below. I have been thinking about a new idea for a project lately, that would unfortunately require much too much grant money and free time to currently pursue.  The work […]

Amir Zaki

Amir Zaki Work from Eleven Minus One “Amir Zaki’s 11-1 meticulously recreates a group of photographs made in the mid-1980s by internationally-renowned Swiss artists David Fischli and Peter Weiss. Fischll and Weissʼ work, which depicts precariously balancing temporary sculptures intentionally constructed in a slap-dash manner, privilege the photographs over the sculptures themselves, a notion Zaki […]

Heather Rasmussen

Heather Rasmussen Work from DeconstructConstruct. ” The series DestructConstruct is based on found photographs of shipping container accidents downloaded from the Internet. Each found image is used as a model for a sculpture that is constructed for the production of the photograph. Individual shipping containers are folded by hand out templates of colored cardstock, and […]

Daniel Freytag

Daniel Freytag Work from Monolith Alright, I am going to take a quick stab at this work based purely on how the aesthetic of these pieces fit in the scope of contemporary works. However, this particular aesthetic (similar to the superdutch) has a loose connection to the remainder of Freytag’s work. What I find most […]

Dave Murray

Dave Murray Work from his oeuvre. “Dave Murray is a Chicago-based artist working in photography, sculpture, and digital media. Falling, Jumping, Mirrors, Office Plant, Shark, Cans, Skies, Stars, Frisbees, Bats, Ghosts, Boxes, Boulder, Rocks, Legs, Cones, Balloons, Mandalas, Skull, Cheerleaders, Sports, Politics, and much more.” – via the meta tag on via i heart […]

Daniel Everett

Daniel Everett Work from his oeuvre. “Daniel Everett embodies the current technological zeitgeist shared by post dot-com kids, the kids of the dot-com kids, and the relationship we have to our interconnectivity (the internet). His work is jaded, earnest, and self mocking at the same time.” – Beautiful/Decay

Hugh Brown

Hugh Brown Work from Allegedly: New Chainsaw Works. “Hugh Brown first cut his teeth as a chainsaw collector and punk rock aficionado; an unlikely pairing that spawned a Grammy award-winning music-packaging design artist and an obsessive appropriation artist compelled to insert chainsaw references into brilliant forgeries of Ed Ruscha, Jackson Pollack, Ed Keinholz, John Baldessari […]

Aristide Antonas

Aristide Antonas Work from Crane Rooms. “Simple concrete foundations and elementary water pools are proposed to be installed in non hospitable beaches or arid hills nearby the sea. The room units form independent cells, they can be covered by tissues during the day; they provide a quality connection to the Internet. The private or public […]