Archives for the Month of December, 2012

Franck Salzwedel

Franck Salzwedel Work from THE STAR WEPT ROSE at Blackston Gallery. “…Salzwedel utilizes both precision and intuition in applying layers of pigment to reveal luminescent, entirely smooth panels of singular yet gradated colors, which progress both laterally and radially across the surface. With little overt contrast across the plane, the focus is on nuance and […]


CHIMERA Q.T.E. Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini  Works by Cornelia Baltes, Nicolas Deshayes, Adham Faramawy, Jack Lavender, Berry Patten, Sabrina Ratté, Travess Smalley, Oliver Sutherland Chimera Q.T.E. works as a proposition on different levels. It celebrates chaos and the order that comes out of it. Its intention is to activate different types of readings and  understandings, questioning the status […]

Elena Damiani

Elena Damiani Work from La Historia Se Descompone En Imágenes, No En Historias @ Revolver. “The visual realm has seized new contexts, new materials, new techniques, has taken as its own the flexibility of time and the uncertainty of cognitive contexts. In this way, the conceptualization about the image is being drastically transformed. La Historia […]

Tom Burr

Tom Burr Work from Sentence at Bortolami Gallery. “…One distinction of Burr’s work that persists is his consideration of the ephemeral. This interest extends beyond time to all sensory experiences, which must be transitory by nature. He describes individual sculptures as ‘moments’ and thinks of their varied qualities in terms of musical notes, temperatures, and […]

Stéphane Thidet

Stéphane Thidet Work from his oeuvre. “…A slightly embarrassed Prosper Mérimée admitted “a keen taste for bandits”. As to how he felt about them, he added, “I cannot help it, but the energy of these men struggling against the whole of society elicits from me an admiration that I am ashamed of.” Thus a recent […]

Juliette Bonneviot

Juliette Bonneviot Work from her oeuvre. “In The Record of the Classification of Old Painters, sixth century Chinese art historian Xie He established the ‘six principles of painting,’ classing artists into six categories. The first was ‘Spiritual Resonance,’ while the final was ‘Transmission by Copying.’ These two poles, and what lay between, hence emerged as a critical […]

Jeongmoon Choi

Jeongmoon Choi Work from his oeuvre. “Jeongmoon Choi works with thread and traces this three-dimensional line directly into volume to create illusions of perspective. The thread is coloured and used to outline or redefine the architecture of the spaces the artist invests. Drawing directly into space with her hand, the artist addresses questions about our environment, as well as about […]

Michael Sellam

Michael Sellam Work from his oeuvre. “From the moment that art ceases to be food that feeds the best minds, the artist can use his talents to perform all the tricks of the intellectual charlatan. Most people can today no longer expect to receive consolation and exaltation from art. The refined, the rich, the professional […]

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Carlos Cruz-Diez Work from Chromosaturaion. “These works relate to the idea that in the origin of every culture lies a primary event as a starting point. A simple situation that generates a whole system of thoughts, sensitivity, myths, etc. The Chromosaturation is an artificial environment composed of three color chambers, one red, one green and […]

José Dávila

José Dávila Work from his oeuvre. “José Dávila takes simple industrial, building materials with appropriated images as his medium to create works that contest the inherent qualities of modern architecture and other constructed spaces. As Marco Scotini explains “José Dávila’s artistic practice ranges from photographs to the construction of architectural models. Each time, he produces […]