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Camille Jodoin-Eng

Camille Jodoin-Eng Work from their oeuvre. “Camille Jodoin-Eng’s work approaches the interplay between physical and psychological space by engaging with spatial and sensory properties such as light, dimensions, and perspectives. Often inspired by shrines and temples as spaces devoted to reflecting on otherworldly existences, her work engages with repetition and symbology to create a physical manifestation […]

Nicolas Sassoon

Nicolas Sassoon Work from PANDORA. “Opening Times: Throughout your Opening Times residency, you’ll be creating new work under the title Pandora. Can you tell us what Pandora is or means to you? Nicolas Sassoon: Pandora is the name of the street where I’ve been living off and on for the last 4 years. When I […]

Geoffrey Farmer

Geoffrey Farmer Work from “Let’s Make The Water Turn Black” at Kunstverein in Hamburg. “Bettina Steinbrügge, the new director of the Kunstverein in Hamburg, is delighted to present the first solo exhibition in Germany by the Canadian artist Geoffrey Farmer. The unique artistic practice of Geoffrey Farmer (*1967) has its roots in Dada, Happenings, performance […]

Jason Gowans

Jason Gowans Work from Five Landscape Modes. “This show was created from physical objects. I built maquettes using found negatives, my own photographs, and images from the Internet. I photographed them to create several angles, exposures, shadows I took many cues from Robert Smithson’s Non-Sites, Michael Snow’s La Région Centrale, and western movie sets” – […]

John Massey

John Massey Work from After Le Mépris. “…After Le Mépris. This new suite of iconic and bittersweet photographs was inspired by the central scene in Jean Luc Godard’s 1963 film, Le Mépris (Contempt). Massey is known for his metaphysical dramas, enacted in pristine, idealized architectural interiors that he treats like theatre sets. In this series, […]

Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin Work from her oeuvre. “…Grid, in this context, is a convenient but misleading descriptive. It identifies a superficial relationship of Martin’s work to an abstract concept of two-dimensional space, when in fact her painting tends to suggest an extension of our concept of three-dimensional space. The breathing that I describe in these prints […]

Brian Jungen

Brian Jungen Work from his oeuvre. “Within the past few years, Jungen has focused his practice on modernist concerns and contexts, redefining his object making through the use of new materials and processes that reflect this shift, a more intimate relationship to the body, and his family’s traditions and history. Since 2006, Jungen has lived […]

Laurie Kang

Laurie Kang Work from Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise. “Sitting at the intersection between photography, sculpture, collage and installation, Laurie Kang’s practice investigates the space between image and object. Examining the process of abstracting the everyday, her work disrupts the borders of the photograph to occupy three-dimensional space. This exhibition uses the vehicle of […]

Robert Canali

Robert Canali Work from his oeuvre. “Abstractions of refracted light, visible only “in dust”, emphasize the physical and chemical aspects of photography through the unique character of the negative. This work was inspired by phenomenons of light and rendered by means of large format photography. Comprised of both colour and black and white photographs, this […]

Annika Rixen

Annika Rixen Work from her Sciences of Observation. “Rixen’s work frequently employs a process of abstraction based on historical research that stems from her background in photography; distilling concrete materials through a series of formal experiments and conceptual filters. For this recent body of work, Rixen has used a book by 19th century scientist John […]