Archives for the Month of December, 2011

Leon Chew

Leon Chew Vasarely Foundation. Work from “Architecture was always defined in relation to it’s nature. Either nature is a model for architecture or it’s opposite. Whether considered different or similar, the assumption that they are two distinct entities is questionable, however. First, because the terms ‘architecture’ and ‘nature’ are intellectual constructs through which we comprehend […]

Sabrina Ratté

Sabrina Ratté Work from her oeuvre. Ratté has an exhibition opening today at I suggest you check it out. “My videos are often the result of experiments with tools and softwares that anyone can have access to. The challenge is to find ways to use these tools in order to create new forms and […]

Penique productions

Penique Productions Work from their oeuvre Penique Productions is a collective made up of Sergi Arbusà, Pablo Baqué, Chamo San, Pol Clusella. “The projects include the creation of color inflatable completely occupy spaces erected by others, giving them a new identity. A simplification of the space that unifies the shapes and textures, creating a different atmosphere. The balloons are constructed from […]

You Only Live Twice

You Only Live Twice at Kunsthalle New. Curated by Bea Fremderman. Featuring Sterling Crispin, Rachael Milton, Dmitri Obergfell, Mike Ruiz, Jordan Tate and Guy Michael Davis. “WHEN APPROACHING AN ART OBJECT WE BRING WITH US NOTIONS OF MATERIALISM, SCIENCE AND LOGIC. SIMULTANEOUSLY IN THAT MOMENT WE ARE PROVIDED WITH A RELEASE INTO BELIEF, ILLUSION, OR […]

Karla Black

Karla Black Work from her oeuvre. “WHEN I’M NEARLY FINISHED making a work, I ask myself, “If this was a painting, would it be a good painting?” If I decide that the answer is yes, then I’m done. I use impermanent and raw materials like paper, polythene, plaster powder, and cosmetic products in my sculptures […]

Brandon Jan Blommaert

Brandon Jan Blommaert Work from his oeuvre. Below is his essay from CIAC’s ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE. “The coma lasted all of four years and some months. While coming to, his eyes adjust to that long lost sensation caused by light bouncing off of surfaces – everything shimmering in a hazy sparkling blur. Soon those pale green […]

David Maljković

David Maljković Work from his oeuvre. “The collages, films, and architectural mises-en-scène of the Croatian artist David Maljković form part of the current critical engagement with modernism. Maljković turns his attention to sculptural and architectonic symbols that, against the backdrop of Yugoslav socialism, signified the dawn of a new era. He renegotiates these on a […]

Carlos Irijalba

Carlos Irijalba Work from his oeuvre. “Carlos Irijalba (Pamplona, 1979) graduated at the Basque Country University and UDK Berlin with professor Lothar Baumgarten. His work analizes the way in which Western culture recreates an abstract medium that loses all relations except to itself. Spectacle has marked out the plane of the visible so it can […]

Timothy Evans and Daniel Eatock

Timothy Evans in collaboration with Daniel Eatock Work from RGB Transition. “RGB Transition is a great minimalist piece created by Timothy Evans in collaboration with Daniel Eatock. They used only three colors; R, G, and B, and then 50 common video transitions to animate it. I really love this simple way and powerful result! “A video image consists of three primary […]

Anti VJ

Anti VJ Work from Eyjafallajökull. “Inspired by the icelandic volcano, which wreaked travel havoc across europe earlier this year, Joanie Lemercier presents the latest incarnation of its audiovisual mapping project. Painted directly onto a large wall, a wireframed scenery is slowly revealed by gentle light effects. The audience’s sense are progressively challenged as optical illusions […]