Archives for the Month of July, 2013

Kim Laughton

Kim Laughton Work from his oeuvre  “Some extraordinary 3D design here from Shanghai-based artist Kim Laughton. Kim consider himself a little impatient because he usually don’t like anything that isn’t finished in a day or two. You may recognize his work from some of Kingdom‘s visuals or from TIMEFLY(his personal clothing label). TIMEFLY is where Kim puts most […]

Everything is Anything Else

Everything is Anything Else Work by Jason Lukas, Zach Norman, and Aaron Hegert at Third Party Gallery opening reception Aug. 3rd “Everything is Anything Else, the forthcoming exhibition of photographs by Jason Lukas, Zachary Norman, and Aaron Hegert, is a closed circuit exploration of the conditions and possibilities of photography in the contemporary moment. At the beginning of summer 2013 […]

Nick Bastis

Nick Bastis Work from The World’s Largest Pistachio “A room built inside a room, posited as a sculpture. The room can be entered and also circumnavigated through narrow alleys. A three channel video presents text and images, also acting as a script for performances or “readings” that occurred at times during the exhibition. Large windows […]

Rachel De Joode

Rachel De Joode Work from Various Qualities To Orbit The Mysterious Core “Installation of a group of eight photographic sculptures. The pedestals are printed, rather than produced as volumetric shapes, and the sculptures that sit on them are no thicker than the wood they are mounted to. The sculptures are photographs of sculptures resting on […]

Owen Kydd

Owen Kydd Work from his oeuvre “Aperture: How did you arrive at the concept of “durational photographs”? Owen Kydd: I was thinking about the differences between cinematic moments with photographic qualities and static images with time added and decided that “durational” applied more to the latter. The idea of duration as “incomplete time” seemed to […]

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson Work from Random Hexadecimal Colors, Sorted Numerically “Each frame, a set of 2,073,600 (or 1920×1080) random hexadecimal color values are created, sorted numerically, and drawn to the screen. Values range from #000000 – #FFFFFF (black to white), with all possible colors in between. Frames are created using custom software, which are exported and rendered […]

Ryan Perez

Ryan Perez Work from B.O.G.O. Vision “There are three pieces in the series, each using color and form to play with symmetry and compliments: the pink and green set are abstracted lean-tos in a light watermelon scenery, one set sees purple and yellow backdrops with artist’s frames that serve as structure for a building, and […]

Media Lab

Media Lab Work from Shift The algorithms are shaped by Andreas Schlegel, Benson Chong, Darrick Ma, Dhiya Md, Felix Sng, Marvin Liang, Mike Chen, Sid Lim. “Shift is an array of machines shifting bits and bytes informed by simple and highly repetitive algorithms. Shift pays attention to its environment through the ever-watchful eye of a […]

Rene Mäe and Norman Orro

   Rene Mäe and Norman Orro Work from Xenotica, Excavation, Exegesis, Exopolitics at Konstanet “During the last two years the village of Katonah has been the hotspot for Exxon, ConocoPhilips and others to look for new sources of oil. In the course of excavations new non-human osseous material has been discovered”, professor of archaeology Peter M. Goldingen argues. He notes […]

Rosa Barba

Rosa Barba Work from her oeuvre “In my work I don’t observe reality; I am reinterpreting it in a certain direction by making very personal decisions. I don’t pose critical questions; I am trying to invent a utopia by showing political and social mechanisms set against technical mechanisms which are themselves fragile. The paradox which […]