Archives for the Month of December, 2015

Pierre Clément

Pierre Clément Work from Transcom Primitive at Xpo Gallery “The artistic practice of Pierre Clément is articulated around the cultural, aesthetic, and political forms that have emerged with the Internet. For his first solo exhibition at XPO GALLERY, Pierre Clément proposes an ecstatic voyage among new fields of consciousness, putting to the test visions of the world […]

Wendy Plovmand

Wendy Plovmand Work from The Image that Paints this Canvas. “The solo exhibition The Image that Paints this Canvas by Danish Artist Wendy Plovmand showcases her newly created body of work formed of archival pigment prints, objects, digital paintings and site-specific installations. Inspired by Lacan’s definition of The Lamella, the exhibition investigates the concept of […]

Pascual Sisto

Pascual Sisto En Plein Air at Brand New Gallery “For En Plein Air, Pascual Sisto has sampled the organic occurring markings native to a peculiar household plant commonly known as the spotted laurel or gold dust laurel (Aucuba Japonica ‘Variegata’); a plant variety that has been produced in strict cultivation by selective breeding. This sampling […]

Justin Plakas

Justin Plakas Work from Waiting Room. “I had spent a lot of time in the waiting room of the Shock Trauma Unit at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore and then even more time within the trauma unit itself. My father had been in a really horrible car accident and for months all my […]

Asger Carlsen

Asger Carlsen Work from Drawings, Watercolour Edition published by Lodret Vandret. ‘Drawings’ sees a distinct departure in visual style for NYC based, Danish artist Asger Carlsen. Earlier bodies of work, such as ‘Hester’ and ‘Baxter’, although surreal and bizarre, are unmistakably of a camera. Drawings, however, leaves few clues as to whether Carlsen has abandoned […]

Jochen Lempert

Jochem Lempert Work from Field Guide @ Cincinnati Art Museum. “Jochen Lempert is doubly open to the world around him. Early in his life, he trained as a biologist, conducted field work in Europe and Africa, and wrote academic papers on various subjects, including dragonflies. A 35-mm camera aided his research. Then, during the early […]