Archives for the Month of March, 2013

Alisa Baremboym

Alisa Baremboym Work from her oeuvre. “Her intimate and frank objects combine unglazed fired terra cotta with smooth cables and straps. The clay has a flesh-like quality that informs the manufactured binding in various ways. In one piece, doughy folds of clay are twisted like a rag and loosely bound with a grey USB cord, […]

Jon Kessler

Jon Kessler Work from his ouvre. “The Web is an immersive installation that addresses the significance of the Internet and mobile devices in our lives while simultaneously examining the role of the viewer. The idea for the piece came to Jon Kessler on a New York subway ride when he realized that at least half […]

Pae White

Pae White Work from Here Today @ 1301PE. “…Pae White creates a seamless world where she is constantly discovering innovative ways to transform materials and objects. She has explained, “For the last several years, my practice has focused on an exploration of the neglected, the forgotten, the spaces between things, even the things between things. […]

Erik Berglin and Clement Valla

Erik Berglin and Clement Valla Work from Iconoclashes. “…The duo arrived at the project with no preconceived ideas and a desire to see how they would riff off the theme. ”Meanwhile, everyone in the hack was sending out emails listing an incredible range of skillsets, from programming to building GSM networks, to working with Kinect. […]

DIS Magazine

DIS Magazine Work from DISimages “DIS Images marks a significant shift in the way artists approach stock photography. Onlines image databases proliferated in the early part of the last decade, and artists searched them and plundered them. Their aggregated findings reflected the multiplicity of potential meanings in both the images and the keywords that index […]

Hans Haacke

Hans Haacke Work from his oeuvre. “One of Haacke’s urgent concerns is the expanding relationship between corporations and museums. Another is the business ventures of major collectors and patrons in countries like South Africa. In the 1985 ”Buhrlesque,” his and hers shoes, each with a candle pointed upward out of the heel like an antiaircraft […]

Dina Kelberman

Dina Kelberman Work from Smoke and Fire online @ The New Museum. “Dina Kelberman’s new work Smoke & Fire (2013) reflects a reinvigorated impulse towards collecting on the part of contemporary artists. Kelberman’s original website features an ever-growing grid of gifs (at the time of launch, there are seven hundred total)—each one an image of […]

Brooks Dierdorff

Brooks Dierdorff Work from his oeuvre. “Through the media of photography and video, I interpret the physical and psychological encounters between man and the natural world. Humans seek connection with nature and claim to be its guardians, while at the same time perpetuate its destruction. In my work I confront this contradiction in order to […]

Jacolby Satterwhite

Jacolby Satterwhite Work from The Matriarch’s Rhapsody at Monya Rowe Gallery, New York. “Using these representations as launch pad, Satterwhite constructs his own animated universe, incorporating modern dance, voguing and ballroom culture to make sense of the drawings, and their attempts to fulfill notions of the modern ideal. While Satterwhite’s maximalist tastes appear unhinged, this is […]

Corin Hewitt

Corin Hewitt Work from his oeuvre. Hewitt also has a really solid exhibition on right now at MOCA Cleveland. “Five staggered cast-dirt walls articulate the stage in Corin Hewitt’s exhibition, Medium/Deep. Behind each, a surrogate figure — off-stage actors composed of concrete, steel, wood, aluminum, simulated pegboard, aprons, makeup, scents and pigments — anticipates an […]