Ryan Lauderdale

Ryan Lauderdale

Work from his oeuvre.

“KANSAS is pleased to present Streamlines, a group exhibition of new works by: Ryan Lauderdale, Owen Kydd, Ignacio Torres, Chloe Wessner, Constant Dullaart, Andrew Pomykalski, Juliette Bonneviot, Ann Hirsch, Kevin Kelly, Aude Pariset, Artie Vierkant, and Sarah Faux. Graphic design by Calvin Waterman.

In concurrent realities, images and information have evolved from the Google image search to our mainstream subconscious consumption, leaving many artists with a visual arena from which to cull and excavate. Are these investigations cyclically involved with the state of history in our time? Time capsules.

The new works featured in Streamlines respond to the growing need to preserve and validate image making in contemporary existence. Acting in collaboration/response between observation and products, these artists provide careful reflection on the use-value and emotive qualities of images that transpire and unravel each day in visual stimuli.

These artists are working towards a negation of cultural ephemera through slowed-down tactile pursuits, that can remain both resolute and disparaging as future cultural currency. These new paradigms will affect the progressive trends of societies’ desire-responding to developing techno-biological symbiosis and the relationship with our-future-selves.” – ┬ápress release for “Streamlines”, now on exhibit at Kansas Gallery, NYC

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