Laturbo Avedon

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Laturbo Avedon

Work from Sunset at Mt. Gox

“Laturbo Avedon is an artist, but not a real person. On Avedon’s FacebookTwitterSoundCloud and Tumblr pages, pieces of an identity can be gleaned of an ostensibly female character: Selfies of a glamorous blonde taken in different virtual environments; pitch-shifted remixes of pop songs by Kylie Minogue and Justin Timberlake; a first Tweet asking “A/S/L?” Laturbo Avedon is an artist-avatar without a real world referent, a digital manifestation of a person that does not and has never existed outside of a computer.

For her first exhibition at, Avedon has erected an equally virtual monument to Mt. Gox: The Tokyo-based Bitcoin exchange that disappeared in February this year along with nearly half a billion U.S. dollars worth of bitcoins. For the duration of the exhibition, visitors to are encouraged to anonymously submit images and 3D objects to be left at the monument on their behalf. Every second day, new renders of the monument will be uploaded, showing the various acts of vigil, or vandalism requested by visitors. A video of the monument will be uploaded on April 14 to document the end-result of this month-long process.”

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