Jessica Labatte

JessicaLabatte_AIR_09 JessicaLabatte_AIR_05 JessicaLabatte_AIR_07 JessicaLabatte_AIR_08 JessicaLabatte_AIR_04

Work from her oeuvre 

Jessica is the current artist in residence at Light Work

“Jessica Labatte was born in 1981 in Salt Lake City, UT and currently lives and works in Chicago, IL. She received a MFA and a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Labatte’s photographic work is an investigation in the capabilities of space within a two-dimensional frame. Her work contains both sculptural and painterly nuances, however the work from conception is always a photograph. Labatte experiments with large format analog processing techniques, which can give the illusion of digital affects. Yet, her prints have had no digital manipulation, a keystone of her artistic practice. Labatte is represented by Horton Gallery, where she has been featured in a two person exhibition and at Art Brussels. Labatte is currently an adjunct professor at Northern Illinois University.” –Light Work

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