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Hasan Elahi

After being accused of terrorism, Hasan Elahi decided to save the government the trouble of spying on him and started streaming his daily activities.  He also showed up on the Colbert Report last May.

Marisa Olson

Marisa Olson trains to be on American Idol in 2005. Check out her audition tape and training blog

Guy Ben-Ner

Guy Ben-Ner, Stealing Beauty, 2007 From UBU Web A boy comes home from school with a note indicating he was caught stealing money from his peer at school. His family is put to the challenge to educate him about the meaning and border lines separating private property from its “other”. The movie starts as a TV […]

Jill Magid

In Jill Magid’s “One Cycle of Memory in the City of L“, the artist contacts and becomes friends with the public surveillance camera (CCTV) operators for the city of Liverpool. They guide her over cell phone as she moves through the city, readily visible by the distinctive red trench coat that she wears. At one […]

Nora Herting

Nora Herting Work from Free Sitting and new work from Portraits. Herting makes work in which “the currency of the studio portrait is examined.” They are a conceptual departure and a critical examination of the studio portrait. “My photographs maybe characterized as portraits, although I am not interested in capturing the uniqueness of an individual. […]

Carin Mincemoyer

Carin Mincemoyer Hilariously critical work about manufactured/consumerist landscapes.