Archives for the Month of June, 2012

James Clarkson

James Clarkson Work from A Printed Sun as a Yellow Spot at Rod Barton Gallery. “Exploring the relationships between art and the history of design, James Clarkson’s practice investigates how a formal language can be devised from combining found objects, painting and sculpture. The materials Clarkson uses in his works are typically selected for the […]

Keith Lea

Keith Lea Work from Banner Series. “The Banner series deconstructs our culture’s use of politically charged language to influence others. “Freedom,” “Progress” – these are words which those in power use uncritically to sell their goals and lifestyles to the masses. When given the sentence fragment “Freedom From,” the viewer is encouraged to consider what […]

Alexander Peverett

Alexander Peverett Work from his oeuvre. “…a indeterminable affair with generative art and computer graphics, the Wigan (England) based artist Alexander Peverett has an absolutely incredible ability to create great inter-disciplinary pieces. Residing between Japan and the United Kingdom, and working as a freelance art director, computer artist and sound designer, the work of Alexander […]

Tanja Lazetic

Tanja Lazetic Work from Nine Swimming Pools behind Broken Glass. “I found some photos of bathers in swimming pools in some old Yugoslavian tourist brochures. They were taken at more or less the same time American artist Edward Ruscha took his photographs of swimming pools for his book Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass […]

Florian Auer

Florian Auer Work from How to Spend It “Florian Auer´s exhibition does not represent one of the ubiquitous attempts to deal, critique, or justify (and, finally, philosophise about) what has happened before and ever since the fall of the Lehman tower. It rather stages discretionary placeholders for the process in which a straight forward and niche […]

Ends of the Earth

Ends of the Earth Featuring works from Johan Stephen, Charles Eams and Ray Eams, Robert Smithson, and SUPERSTUDIO. “Ends of the Earth: Land Art to 1974 is the first large-scale, historical-thematic exhibition to deal broadly with Land art, capturing the simultaneous impulse emergent in the 1960s to use the earth as an artistic medium and […]

New Media Lecture Series – Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson is a computer musician and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His work explores the politics of appropriation, failure, and the tension between order & chaos through creative (mis)uses of consumer electronics and elements of early Internet vernacular. He is the founder of the 8bitpeoples low-tech audio/visual collective, member of Computers Club Drawing Society […]

Niklaus Rüegg

Niklaus Rüegg Work from his oeuvre. “…Niklaus Rüegg has embarked on this challenge. Result of his work two papers, elephant make-up ‘and’ Hamlet are `24 HOURS. Both works can be divided into the themes of the concept, embedding gray circus’. , Circuses gray ‘plays with the absurdity of the combination of words, circus associated joy, […]

Print Fiction

Print Fiction Curated by Michael Alfred Today is the launching of Print Fiction, an online virtual exhibition curated by Michael Alfred who has created this virtual space as part of his graduation at school of visual arts (HGB) in Leipzig, Germany. Print Fiction shows printed based works from different well known artists and graphic designers […]

Andrew Norman Wilson

Andrew Norman Wilson Work from ScanOps. “Through webinars, installations, power points, performances, audio meditations and videos, Andrew Norman Wilson’s interventions into the brands and infrastructures of Silicon Valley and other worldwide tech corporations question the roles of labor, power and capital; instigations, integral to understanding the movement of information economies in the global marketplace as […]