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Gabriele Beveridge

Gabriele Beveridge Work from By mistake or design “Gabriele Beveridge (b.1985) is a London-based artist who creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional collages and installations using sun-faded images and a variety of natural and man-made objects. Through framing, balancing and propping, these disparate elements are brought into precisely constructed but open-ended dialogues. Materials such as sand, copper and […]

Lee Gainer

Lee Gainer Work from Frankenlovley. “My work explores culturally accepted and media supported perceptions. I manipulate found imagery and objects in order to visually analyze the unwritten rules and hidden messages associated with modern American life.  By focusing on one aspect within a specific, media driven ideal, I examine the psychology behind these conventions and […]

Heidi Norton

Heidi Norton Work from New-Age Still Lives. “This indeterminate physicality with different physical planes–it is beautiful and confusing, everything starting and reversing.”– Robert Irwin “New Age Still Life: Paint, Plants, Trash, and Formalism are studio constructs utilizing plexi and wood shelves, plants and other objects that are representational of my youth. They are things borrowed […]