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B. Ingrid Olson

B. Ingrid Olson Work from her oeuvre. “If it should be a novel, we’d hope for it to be one written in verse. Said novel would be for two sisters, a secret life and a normal life. Their ground is unstable ground, but usable nonetheless. Between the verses, as the peripheries start their blur, we find our limits […]

Baden Pailthorpe

Baden Pailthorpe Work from Cadence I – IV “The institution of the military is steeped in performative traditions, rituals and practices. Indeed the collective military body can be thought of as being characterized by a carefully calibrated choreography of movement. Cadence (2013) is a series of four new-media artworks whose subject sits between war and performance. […]

Alicja Kwade

Alicja Kwade Work from her oeuvre. “Alicja Kwade (*1979, Poland) has in her sculptures—as well as in her installations, photographs and films—long been engaged with different aspects of our value systems and with the issue of abstract concepts such as space and time. The artist lives in Berlin and belongs to a generation of sculptors […]