Greg Ponchak

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Greg Ponchak

Work fromĀ White Lily atĀ Quality Gallery

I. Rift? Event? Rupture?

II. Regardless, a world is torn apart. Seemingly immutable bonds and relations splinter generating unimaginable amounts of energy. Bodies bask in the radiant heat and begin to thaw, escaping their former rigidity and adopting a softer, protean form. Freed from their attachments they begin coalesce and fragment. They collide and fuse only to fragment once more. In the infant world, there are no permanent states of being only ephemeral forms and linkages. Still, the transient nature of these encounters does not render them inert. Each convergence and embrace cuts itself into and inscribes itself onto the engaged bodies; it transfigures them and leaves them different than they previously were. The dance engenders transmutation.

III. This world cannot last forever. As time passes, bodies inevitably begin to lose energy and tend towards equilibrium. With less energy to expend, serendipitous encounters with foreign bodies become increasingly rare. A lethargic feedback loop establishes itself and declares the end of the dance. Without it, the difference engine falls apart. Bodies fall into place and relations stabilize. The world grows rigid. The dust settles.

IV. Relations further crystalize and bonds begin to corrode. Bodies no longer move nor change; they only become more of what they already are; things solidify. A deep freeze sets in and unifies the world under a frigid coat. The dance is long gone. Beneath the icy skin lie the scars of yesteryear.

White Lily, 2016.

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