Neal Fryett

Neal Fryett

Work from his oeuvre.

“An exercise in expansion (on the utility of a thing)

1. A door-wedge, door-stop, or door-wedge-stop is a utilitarian apparatus most often associated with the holding of a hinged or otherwise swinging door at a preferred position.

2. It may, however, be utilized for a multitude of purposes – the most notable being to hold any given door either in an open or closed state.

3. A door may be held at any angle of opening, so as to prevent it from being closed or to hold it such that the door is prevented from being opened from the outside.
4. In the conventional sense, a door-wedge is most effective when the tapered edge is positioned in the space between the door and the floor.5. It may be pushed, kicked or pressed tightly into place such that a frictional three-way relationship is initiated between the underside of the door, the top-sloping section of the wedge and the area directly beneath the wedge.

6. One may forcibly push or pull the door upon the wedge, particularly if the wedge is made of a soft material such as pine or rubber. Unless the wedge is secured to the floor, however, it is advisable that the door be pulled upon the wedge while being foot-held in place.
7. The door-wedge may be slowly or quickly positioned (or removed) at the convenience of the operator.” – Neal Fryett


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