Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith

Work from Computer Installations.

“For Computer Installations, including the obsolescent beauty of “Mauritian Sunset”, pictured below, he took old computer monitors, donated by his alma mater, the Glasgow School of Art, and turned them into gorgeous large-scale installation pieces.

Eye-grabbing from the front and equally intriguing from the back. I love the “technology behind the curtain” vibe; the allusion toward so many beautiful things whose veneer faces us while the nuts and bolts of how their allure is maintained is hidden. The door also intrigues me. You don’t have to travel around the outside of the entire piece to see both the gilded and the mechanical side; there’s a passageway right there in the middle, a portal, and Smith invites us to openly transverse between the two. This way we see the honest connection between the colourful light and all those dull, grey wires that are working so hard to create it. They might not be as pretty or as celebrated, but they’re responsible for all the shiny glory shimmering on the other side.

For “Green/Blue Horizontal”, inspired by the ubiquitous Windows wallpaper “Bliss”, he created a walk-in corner installation from more than 60 computers. Programmed to glow blue and green, people could walk inside the amazing luminescence created by the piece and find some bliss of their own.” – via shape+colour.

via Triangulation Blog.

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