Rémy Markowitsch

Rémy Markowitsch

Work from Spirit.

“The sheer quantity of this extraordinarily extensive private collection gave Rémy Markowitsch a point of reference for his own work, in which he also addresses the theme of excess and the phenomenon of manic enthusiasm. With an explorer’s thirst for knowledge, Markowitsch has combed through, brought to light and reinterpreted many of the traces left in the Coninx Villa by those who once lived there and by the art they collected. One fundamental aspect of his approach lies in his handling of light. Rooms as bright as day alternate in a crescendo and diminuendo of light with dimly lit spaces and still others that are shrouded in darkness. This score of light and dark not only influences and interprets the effect of the works presented in these rooms, but also points up the architectural changes to the building. In 1997 the dark wood-panelled rooms were transformed into light, understated exhibition spaces.”

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