Lino Lake

Lino Lake

Work from his oeuvre.

The painting exciting for me to be his obsessive nature and role ambiguity, obsolete or not in the global context of art where it is always, nonetheless, unexpected. His scholarship seems to break the only rule of art: Freedom. The painting is indeed a closed frame appears to be a prison for many artists. It seems that the artist seeks to free a number of unnecessary problems with the paint. Unusual features seem utopian dreamers or stick to the painters, too serious. Painting as a pure form of expression as a blank where freedom expands barrier-free improvisations or whims of a selection of historical currents subject to certain nervous tics of the painter, I am horrified.

In my table: “What makes this fucking flower here?” We could transplant the word “painting” instead of “flower”. What makes this fucking picture here? I’m interested in whether or not the representations and artistic and useful. I wonder what is not art. Comic Another question: Can you imagine some afternoon classes as a hobby on happenings and installations? Surely some day appears, for example, some amateurs say an artist at an opening that she and her nephew (who is a doctor) also, for example, conceptual art.Painters tend to have dicicil to differentiate this type of “art.”” – Lino Lago

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