Absis Minas

Absis Minas

Work from Free Money.

“Communication is an outmoded form of communication. Lack of ambiguity and totality of statement can be achieved only through action: kissing, hugging, cumming, beating, maiming, bombing, killing. Or it can be achieved by making everything the same – a compression of all words into the holy syllable “blah,” and a compression of all goods into a monetary note indicating floating value – also called “blah.” This then followed by the simple act of vocalization subsuming economic value, wherein $p€€¢h becomes ¢uRR€n¢¥, and wherein the long lost history of oration makes a fantastic comeback. Why else do the characters of agreed wealth mimic the alphabet? $ for the peni$ and ¥ for the ¥oni. € for the sp€rm, £ for ovu£ation, and ₣, it can be agreed, for ₣ucking – thereby revealing the exponential reproduction of debt. Lascaux and men of pen and brush be damned: the future belongs to the redundant car salesman and his allegory of the Edsel.

The subject of the first part of this series ($$$) is a loose narrative concerning people, then a lack of people. As the series, then, consists of portraits of the disposable pieces in an economic system, it is with massive sarcasm that these individual pieces are intended to be used as money, and, furthermore, arranged specifically so as to spell out words, names, sentences, and references. Thus the first part number of 36: one photo for each letter from A through Z, and one photo for each number from 0 through 9. Yet more photos represent every English punctuation mark. Still more represent the Cyrillic alphabet and the characters of hiragana and katana. For now, the possible cost of something else could be, under this system:


The purpose is to render useless all other forms of payment and moreover all other words not used as payment. An alphabet by itself makes no logical sense as anything other than alphabet, unless recombined into patterns. This body of work makes its own sense through repetition of subject matter, but in terms of sale, the logic is lost unless tied to a concrete neologism; a neologism that is given definition through the act of trade/sale/purchase. This allows the phrase “CA6E178 POBONN PANAIR &% **$4 IMPMAGIC (WOMAN)” to make perfect sense. Thus will all words in an ideal future become synonymized. Assimilated by a megalomaniac, pidgin nounverbadverbprounounconjunctionadjectiveprepositioninterjection, and rendered obsolete.

Where the dollar once replaced goods, $$$ is to be used as a replacement for the dollar. The goal is a solipsist global photocurrency. Because the dollar is stagnant and credit is patently false. No dinero. $$$ is ultradollar.

The End™, as they say, is blah.” – Absis Minas

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