VLF (Thomas Cristiani & Antoine Roux)

VLF (Thomas Cristiani & Antoine Roux)

Work from their oeuvre.

“We work on variations of reality. Without contesting the existence of object or image, we redefine the message it transmits. It is the role of the spectator to be conscious and define the distance between reality and virtuality of the works made.

Fond rouge (red background) is not a flag: it is not made from fabric, and doesn’t fit to any existing country. However, the addition of formal symbols (the red color, the golden stars, the ratio of the wood board) creates a paradox that pushes the spectator to wonder about the existence of this fictional nation. We like the tension between the abstract rudimentary object and its symbolic force.

10% imitation: This sculpture is a descriptive diagram of its own production process. The object is a clue about the way we work, the time spent observing then imitating it closely. Whereas imitation seems as close to reality as possible, the mathematical cutting indicates a higher break.

À plat, l’espace: By reproducing a cosmic space from small stones arranged on the surface of a scanner, we were as interested in the similarities between the microscopic and the infinite, as the simulation of infinite depth on a flat space.” – VLF

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