Irena Knezevic

Irena Knezevic

Work from Here Comes the Darkness.

The video is available here.

“On September 25 2008, George Bush and Barack Obama gave an emergency speech after the American stock markets crashed. Broadcasters, like CNN, had to break out of the regular TV format to accommodate for the length of the speech(the 2 extra minutes). The editing of this video corresponds exactly to CNN news broadcast leading up to, including and after the speech. Every editorial and commercial cut is in synch. The fades denote three or more pundits simultaneously commenting on the events unfolding. The image-less part of the video (where the audience is encouraged to close their eyes and make a film with the sound provided) is the speech itself.

This work is comprised of landscape shots from Iraqi abandoned American bases, streets of Cairo, Egypt, gardens outside Munich where Hitler took daily walks and various architectural imagery from Serbia, Switzerland and the United States.

The sand storms of sound transmit to the gardens and lakes of the west condensating the fogs of ruin. Struck by a beam of darkness, ancient friendships and suicide pacts convulse, trapped in perpetual present where dust covers all in the pace of television.” –┬áIrena Knezevic

via Bea Fremderman.

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