Zhan Wang

Zhan Wang

Work from My Personal Universe.

“Beijing’s esteemed sculptor Zhan Wang conceptualizes the depths of the galaxy in his latest exhibition My Personal Universe, transforming the UCCA‘s exhibition hall into a scene reminiscent of the Big Bang Theory. Wang’s dynamic work is presented as a sculpture and video installation, requiring an extensive production process from Wang.

The artist rendered this universe by recording an explosion of a real-life giant boulder in the suburbs of Shandong, China using six high-definition video cameras, shooting at 2,000 fps, all positioned to capture different perspectives of the explosion. Wang then extended the length of the explosion from all angles into a three minute video.

The six recordings are projected onto the walls of the exhibition alongside a compelling suspension of over 5,000 stainless steel rock fragments, the meticulous arrangement reflecting the documented combustion from each facet of each mirrored steel rock.

The immersive projection intensifies the audience’s experience, allowing visitors to witness something similar to the Big Bang Theory—a spectacular theory of the universe’s birth where order exists through chaos.” – via The Creators Project

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