Eric Fleischauer

Eric Fleischauer

Work from his oeuvre.

“Working mainly in video and sculpture with drawings, photographs, websites, artist books, and curated projects surfacing from the concepts that guide his work, Eric Fleischauer uses these various forms to investigate the position(s) and influence(s) that technology holds in society on both the individual and cultural level.

Fleischauer pushes the most basic of elements inherent to video media such as the single take or the rejection of post-production special effects to produce minimal videos that retain a “truth.” Folded into these pieces is a further layer of materiality, where certain objects are emphasized within the context of video, particularly other forms of technology like hand-held communication devices and televisions. Tapping into the formal language of video allows Fleiscahuer to remix and reorder the expansive lexicon included in the semiotics of television, film, and video to respond to its advancements, slippages, and history in order to question and challenge those changes.

Engaging the viewer in a close read, the work in POST-CURSOR invites the audience to connect to the work through the recognition of and access to the hand-held as it is melded or encoded with digital information. A hand-bound stashbook (in collaboration with Susannah Kim) hides hidden text, a video documents the deletion of coded personal information, and a series of slow, transforming images re-visualizes “truths.”” – via Three Walls

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