Alexandros Tsolakis, Bastian Wibranek and Sebastian Kriegsmann

Documentation of “Disconnect“.

Disconnect, a full-scale installation by Alexandros Tsolakis, Bastian Wibranek and Sebastian Kriegsmann, starts from a simple proposition: more often than not, public space is communally occupied. Despite the immutable forms of architecture, space transforms the moment it’s inhabited; what we do, and what we don’t is spatially inscribed by the simple fact of our engagement. By installing a stretchable membrane across the gallery floor, Disconnect allows visitors to physically register the movements of their co-habitants. As people move over and under the surface, the fabric’s stretch manifests the influence of other bodies as a sensible force. Projected beams of light mark contour lines on the fabric as shifts with movement. Continuing a line of projects initiated by PROGRAM that aim to instill spatial sensitivity, Disconnect similarly seeks to address a wider range of visitors, including the youngest ones.” – Program Initiative for Art and Architecture Collaborations

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