Berndaut Smilde

Berndnaut Smilde

Work from his oeuvre.

“Berndnaut Smildeā€™s work often draws upon the physical presence of transitional spaces.
Places such as corridors, elevators, staircases and balconies interest Smilde as spaces that exist to be in between. This interest also branches out into the possibility of how a given space might be in between states of construction and deconstruction.

Using his day to day surrounds as points of conjecture, Smilde often works in response to site, creating special narratives whereby multiple layers of ideas and meaning are able to collide and awkwardly coexist.

Throughout this process Smilde often uses construction materials and imitation products such as photographic prints, artificial turf and polystyrene interior decoration, that make reference to the physical construct of those spaces he works with and that play on the boundary of where in between starts and ends.” – Tristan Hessing

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