Walead Beshty

Walead Beshty

Work from his oeuvre.

“With both a sharp and laconic aesthetic sensibility
Beshty creates a photography of uncertainty

Cutting across several media, including photograms
a representative example of the range of Beshty’s program

Clever if somewhat vague referents
presented as a subtly posed but effective arguments

Beshty inserts himself into the historical flow
But beware of the theoretical undertow

Photographs are created with very clear prescriptions
read as luminous abstract compositions

But have a roughed up texture that says all you need to know
One can make much, perhaps too much, of Walead Beshty’s show

Beshty has included within the exhibition
an assistant who toils like an art-world Rumpelstiltskin

This piece by Walead Beshty is briefly amusing
An accident that suggested the idea of deliberately using

A revised concept of site specificity, now proposed as a function
Investigating systems of dispersal and production

Whatever Marxist schadenfreude might be gleaned from black-and-white
Effectively reclaims the found object as a multivalent political site

Of the show’s relaxed attitude toward lines of demarcation
which, sexy as it sounded, felt like little more than rhetorical lubrication

Among the most special is Walead Beshty’s photo-slide meditation
Here flashy surface need not come at the cost of art historical, conceptual, and
socio-political elaboration.” – text via WALLSPACE

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