Scott Wolniak

Scott Wolniak

Work from his oeuvre.

“With his new body of work presented in this exhibition, Wolniak continues his use of cause and effect to unlock what he perceives as a hidden interiority. He has created a series of plaster sculptures and relief paintings that investigate internalized process and bidirectional becoming, but the material stakes and methods are raised dramatically, including plaster casting, carving, etching and 3-dimentional fabrication along with chance operations and infused color. Sculpture, painting and drawing are combined in densely patterned, visually enigmatic objects that refer to ancient tablets, ceramic tiles, fresco painting, scholar stones, geologic souvenirs, psychedelic knick-knacks, and animism. Ultimately though, they remain unnamable.

The central work of the exhibition, Liminal Set, is a fabricated open-air cabinet that contains a curated series of these freestanding pieces, arranged in small groups or individual compartments and often resting on mirrored tiles or artist-made surfaces. The design relates to a lab display where the lower levels are used for storage and the surface for analysis and presentation. This context gives the objects a practical feel, as if they are natural specimens, but in their thoughtful insertion into a larger installation, they also play as precious objects. The cabinet was deigned and built in collaboration with artist Andy Hall.

Wolniak’s relief tablets, presented on wall cleats and minimal shelves in the gallery, occupy a hybrid territory between painting and sculpture. They function like something out of time and far away, historically ambiguous, simultaneously ethereal and physical. These pieces take material cues from the aforementioned sculptures but operate in entirely different ways. Where the objects deal with seeing the universe in localized gritty chunks of broken-off things, the tablets are about making (and unmaking) the universe from scratch.” – Andrew Rafacz Gallery

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