Anne de Vries

Anne de Vries

Work from Trails Rising at The Green Room.

“The Green Room presents ‘Trails Rising’ by Anne de Vries, an installation that continues the theme of “merging matter and information” following his recent exhibition ‘Trails of the Hive Mind’ at Sandy Brown Gallery, Berlin.

De Vries is interested in how the world is understood through and affected by media technology: specifically how media formats influence a perception of reality and simultaneously have a physical impact on commodities within a global economy.

Contradictory information is often carefully separated, Vries’ work reconnects elements as his raw material, assessing how matter and information are constantly impacting one another.

To accompany the exhibition, Francis Heylighen’s essay ‘The Global Brain as a New Utopia’ (2002) is available through The Composing Rooms ‘ReSearch’ page (AnnedeVriesGB-Utopia.pdf). The essay discusses an imagined future where technology facilitates a knowledge network able to advise and guide all aspects of humanity. De Vries has chosen the paper to speculate differences between futurist idealism and actuality…” – The Green Room

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