Charlotte Poseneske

Charlotte Poseneske

Work from her oeuvre.

“Charlotte Poseneske is a German artist who created minimalist and performance-like sculptures and reliefs in the 60s. Having the claim to avoid any subjective artistic statements she preferred to finish her work in truly objective materials like chipboard, corrugated cardboard and steel sheets.

In a further step she experimented with repeatability: “The things I make are modifiable, as simple as possible and easily reproducible. I produce series because I don’t want to make single pieces for single persons. The pieces shall have the objective character of industrial products.” A position rather usual for a designer, but very unusual for an artist. Of course this doesn’t explain the effect or humour of a casing made of folded cardboard, which grows out of a corner like a furunculous trunk, or a pair of rectangular tubes sticking on a plastered facade as if the ventilation system had gone crazy.

Rectangular tubes series DW, reconstruction, corrugated cardboard, Documenta 12, Kassel 2007
Those extremely reduced three-dimensional works, which now define her name, all originate from the short period from 1966 – 1968. Afterwards she stopped her creative work out of artistic and sociopolitical protest – not a gag in order to push the sales value, but sullen severeness. Only in 2007, on the occasion of Documenta 12, she was quasi rediscovered, yet her true followers obviously never really forgot her. Reconstructions are now being authorised by her longtime companion and are traded in galleries again.” – Architonic

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