Samuel François

Samuel François

Work from his “OPEN 4 BUSINESS” at Alice Gallery, Brussels.

“Three words in red neon behind the gate of a night shop, OPEN 4 BUSINESS … for his second exhibition at Alice,  Samuel François  explores new suburban landscape.

Leaving the metal door interface between the outside and inside, recurring motif in his latest exhibition, he places the floor of the gallery a wooden structure inspired metallic elements defining the aisles of a square. Functional form that sounds like a minimal implementation. 
It thus imposes a movement in space, within which is disposed a set of sculptures (“Sculpture Tuesday”, “sculpture Sunday” …) composed of architectural elements ( concrete, bricks) and decorative (vases, candlesticks), hybrid objects halfway between fossil and archaeological discovery. 
Inspired designs from freely decoration (wallpaper, fabric ..) “Manom” and “Soetrich” drawings colored pencil and watercolor complement a series of drawings started during his long residence Berliner. 
“Perfect T” a “almost” monochrome gray extracted from a set of three canvases painted motifs from his wardrobe of rigorously it reproduces the scatter of the frame of a cotton t-shirt heather gray. It continues with “Manathan Mist”, “Granite Blau” monochrome painted with spray paint effect that randomly distributed color buttons on the smooth surface of the canvas. Panel shades that are reminiscent of the monochrome facades of houses or small buildings. 
Sculpture accidental, “I’m invisible” a flap of plastic bag caught on a piece of neon freezes a moment trivial, poetic illusion an urban universe.

The sculptures are made of disparate objects that give rise to unusual combinations and question our perception of the object reconstructed. Meaningless, the compositions of objects reveal their own forms. A meditative poetry takes place as our language dissolves.”- Alice Gallery, translated via Google Translate


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