Samir Mougas

Samir Mougas

Work from his oeuvre.

“In a logical result of both a distant legacy of the readymade, assimilation practices of sampling, sample, quotation or appropriation of the art of recent decades, or ways of thinking and classification is needed in the era of the web, many artists working today it is possible to name a directory. Is a set of forms, references, borrowing visual culture and / or material (often modern and contemporary) that make up the vocabulary of the artist – the principle is certainly not unusual – this directory is materialized and structured as such or it does not, remaining a mental representation.example, among Samir Mougas, works clearly a result of ownership forms whose origin is most often found on the side of the geometric abstract art and minimal art, as they were perceived in the field of art history, but also as they were digested with graphic design, industrial design, or even tuning , so as to become a kind of heritage. It is this heritage minimalist geometric-between art, design and pop culture, which for Samir Mougas what could be considered his formal repertory. 

For most artists, the main challenge of these approaches is generally not related to critical questioning notions of authority or originality – questions that characterize however, a number of approaches to ownership.

The interest is more here in the development of a design methodology, defining the artist more or less rigorously and systematically cultural database where it can then draw. Moreover, in the work of Samir Mougas, this ambivalence between investigation forms and free appropriation is doubled sometimes through the use of protocols that allow them also to introduce intuition and subjectivity in the process of creating original logic and rational…” –  IASP (Jerome Dupeyrat Maïwenn and Walter)

via Piet Mondriaan

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