Bunny Rogers



 icehearts chairs

Bunny Rogers

Work from Questions on Ice

“comedys pretzel tradegys pumpkin

root vegetables are strong and stubborn, like all farm animals.
Did you know: Pumpkin is a fruit?
Pumpkins are fruits in mourning, like all squash.
mushing down with their curly green pig tails.
Pumpkins are read slow, like all sad things.
Like pumpkins people rot from the inside out.

going to rain for a week
lonely and slow
blue ice hearts melt in the bathtub
fingers tapp into what u were once

no chair no pain
every chair a ghost
every day a hope
every day a heartache

people are not like us.
people forcibly frustratedly shape ur hands
if its more depressed than u want it to be
chair shows depression more than u like it to be
I am not afraid to force you out of my chair.
I will make it very clear
My relationship with my chair

the symbol of the face always turned away
We wil die in this life and life wil say gbye
we will all say goodbye in this life”

via Generation Works

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