Sharon Harper

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Sharon Harper

Work from One Month, Weather Permitting.

“Since the earliest days of the medium, photographers have turned their lens towards the heavens at night. Now, beginning March 4, 2010, Rick Wester Fine Art (RWFA) presents a contemporary investigation comprised of a complex and resonant series of photographs of the night sky by the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based photographer and video artist Sharon Harper. Orchestrated with time exposures that create arresting, minimalist compositions, twelve 40 x 30 in. black and white and color photographs will be on view through April 24, 2010 as part of the exhibition, One Month, Weather Permitting.

The images on view capture long-exposure star trails over Banff, Alberta, Canada. To create what she refers to as “star scratches,” Harper exposed sheets of film for several nights in a row, re-exposing the film using different camera orientations. As in previous bodies of work, the artist embraces environmental and technical interruptions as the gifts and vagaries of the photographic process.

In Harper’s words, the photographs contain “chance compositions, acknowledging that the sublime resists imposed structure.” The series exists as a controlled experiment resulting in star trails that can only be captured through the camera with random results. Comprised of fluid and serene translations of the sublime through technological endeavors, Harper’s photographs continue to mine the relevancy of nature’s grandeur today…” – Rick Wester Fine Art

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