Ingrid Hora

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Ingrid Hora

Work from her oeuvre.

“Die Wende¬†(“The Turn” in German) is the story of a group of women from former East Germany who are training to perform a particular movement in synchronized swimming, called “die Wende,” in which the swimmer makes an underwater backwards loop. The women, most of them over 60, are part of a still active East German association (Verein) and have been training together for over 20 years now.

Die Wende also refers to the period of time immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall. “The Turn” marks the complete process of the change from socialism and planned economy to democracy and capitalism.

After a first theatrical performance that took place in November 2009, Ingrid Hora returns to PROGRAM and transforms the gallery space into a gym-like interior comprised of different artifacts intended for dry training. Over the course of the show in February 2010 the group will meet here once a week for some dry synchronized swimming lessons. A video recorded during their practice sessions in water will also be on view during the exhibition.” – Ingrid Hora

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