Mathew Cerletty

pink_paper purple_chip-1024x1024 Mathew Cerletty/ Office Baroque

Matthew Cerletty

Work from his oeuvre.

“Ikea” is a color-coordinated still life of a narrow cabinet with flowers in a red glass vase on top. Golf clubs lean against its side, a black handbag hangs from a peg rack and a three-part scroll on the wall pictures an antique skeleton key. With its rhyming rectangles and circles, it seems mainly a conflation of realism and abstraction. But the title hints otherwise, and a glance at Mr. Cerletty’s Web site reveals a penchant for social commentary. It reproduces a portrait of David Brooks, a columnist for The New York Times, and a Pop-style rendition of the distinctive, white-on-red banner of The Economist magazine. So, “Ikea” is subtly satiric: a cool-eyed study of an altarpiece for consumerist idealism.” – New York Times

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