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Work from his oeuvre

“FakeShamus is kind of an alter-ego and a nemesis at the same time from the New York-based digital artist Shamus Clisset, whose works receive a meticulously care over several months and furthered his knowledge of digital 3D modeling and raytracing software.

Clisset‘s work futher blurs the boundaries between an almost unbelievable faithfulness to reality with an extreme paradoxical sense of fantasy. He culminate aspects like the absurd, surreal, violence and perversity into several conscious digital golems and complex compositions assuming every command and taking on any form basically. These darkly, mysterious and humorous ambients found in FakeShamus‘ works may often disguise our perception from the advanced and intense level of craft behind each artwork, which is completely intriguing and is the result of a strong conceptual and technical involvement created by Clisset.”

via O Fluxo

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