Daniel Rozin

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Daniel Rozin

Work from his ongoing exhibition at Bitforms.

“Since the late 1990s, Rozin’s constructions in software and sculpture have investigated the psychological and optical cues inherent to image building, such as pattern and the materiality of the picture plane. In a departure from the traditional rectilinear grid, which was the foundation of his 2010 exhibit X by Y, Rozin’s new series of work proposes another geometric basis of image creation. Focusing on rotational systems of orientation, Angles celebrates the polar, or angular, notations of pictographic information. Using the triangle and sculptural elements that twist their shape, Rozin’s conversation of the grid highlights a new dimensionality of formal representation.

In Rozin’s work, the picture plane’s transformation is a means to explore animated behavior, representation and illusion. Merging the geometric with the participatory, Rozin’s installations have long been celebrated for their kinetic and interactive properties. Grounded in gestures of the body, three pieces in the exhibit Angles are mirrors of various sorts and respond to the presence of viewers in real time by recreating a visual representation of their likeness…” – bitforms.

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