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Daniel Rozin

Daniel Rozin Work from his ongoing exhibition at Bitforms. “Since the late 1990s, Rozin’s constructions in software and sculpture have investigated the psychological and optical cues inherent to image building, such as pattern and the materiality of the picture plane. In a departure from the traditional rectilinear grid, which was the foundation of his 2010 […]

Florence To

Florence To Work from Fovea by Florence To “”Providing a constant background upon which a stimulus can be superimposed: an absolute threshold upon the dark-adapted state, a differential threshold upon the light-adapted state. Hecht had written equations for the steady state; and by assuming that the visual threshold, absolute or differential, corresponds to a constant increment […]

Jonathan Schipper

Jonathan Schipper Work from To Dust. ” Two sculptures are hung from a mechanism that gently grinds them into each other. The sculptures will slide against one another for many years creating new unimagined form… …The Shortcomings of the Living World’s Experiences vs. The Infinite Potentialities of The Universe, A DEATH CATHARSIS PARADIGM  The thrill of the […]

Pe Lang

Pe Lang Work from his oeuvre “Pe Lang’s poetic and elegant hand built sculptures combine mechanized systems with new materials to mandate and manifest a different approach to kinetic movement. Lang realizes performances and creates installations by ingeniously assembling magnetic, electrical and mechanical devices and even inventing new devices and prototypes. The resulting works are […]