Brent Watanabe

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Brent Watanabe

Work from for(){};

“Created by Brent Watanabe, “for(){};”, 2013 includes projection mapped video game on canvas. In for(){}; there is no beginning or end to the game, just collecting and wandering, birthing and consuming, an arbitrary point system rising until your inevitable death and the birth of another generation. Brent describes it as a game mechanism without the game – “an addictive but essentially aimless experience”.

The piece includes a collection of acrylic paintings controlled by the viewer using a NES controller. Programmer/artist Brent Watanabe worked with painter Cable Griffith to create an interactive landscape painting influenced by Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”, merging traditional materials and ‘new’ technology.

Created using ActionScript 3/Box 2D and projection mapped using Photoshop CS5 and Flash CS5.5. Other components include a video projector, NES controller and CXFR for audio.” – Creative Applications

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