Erika Vogt

TBA12_ErikaVogt_960 EV-green-music-small-660x990 Photo Credit: Barb Choit Photo Credit: Barb Choit

Erika Vogt

Work from her oeuvre.

“Vogt arranges groups of sculptures throughout the space, reiterating the vocabulary present in the videos and drawings. These sculptures invite tactile engagement, and derive their form both from found objects as well as invented ones. There are, for example, knobs, a jig, a window sash, wood scraps, a guide, and some musical instruments. The gestures implied by the handling of these objects—the turning of the knobs, the measuring with the jig—become important component of the works. TheGuide, for instance, a roughly 100 inches by 1 inch structure with handles on each end, is meant to be handled by two people.  One person “leads” the other, as they carve a line through The Engraved Plane.  Viewers are allowed to handle the sculptures when looking at the show.

Vogt conceived the works in The Engraved Plane in close relation to the groupingGrounds and Airs that will be featured in the first Los Angeles biennial, Made in LA, at the Hammer Museum from June 2, 2012 – September 2, 2012.”- Simone Subal Gallery

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