Fleming Ove Bech

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Fleming Ove Bech

Work from his oeuvre.

“Danish photographer Flemming Ove Bech’s images are satisfyingly simple. Taking a straightforward, sculptural approach to image making, Bech’s work combines unremarkable everyday components in a playful manner. Shapes and tones are flattened by the photographic plane and rendered in an oscillating palate of delicately muted pastel hues, and stark, angular black and white images. The images are ambiguous and aloof, but always visually pleasing.

Likewise, Bech offers negligible contextual guidance along with his pictures (the series on his website have no descriptions and are titled only with numerals), leaving the viewer to consider his aesthetic combinations freely – a refreshing approach in a field often saturated with carefully constructed narratives and theory-driven artist statements. This approach is extended in Bech’s curating and publishing project Lodret Vandret, co-run with friend Johan Rosenmunthe – whose recent publications Pretty Young Things and Sonic Booms To Consider display a similarly open-ended approach to image curation; affording the reader a welcome opportunity to explore the work before them through the lens of their own personal experience.” – HotShoe Magazine

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